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Upgrade Your Climate Career

Get the promotion, title, raise, or new job you’re ready for, and amplify your climate impact.

Upgrade your climate career
Climate Wealth

What We Do

Our goal is to AMPLIFY the impact of climate professionals.

We’ve seen people staying in roles that are too small for them, for the sake of “staying in an impactful role.” You deserve better. 

If you’re ready this, you already know how critical it is to address the global climate crisis. But are you making the impact you want to make? 

About Our Course

Amplify Your Impact

Learn how to make a bigger difference in your current role or take on a new role with greater responsibility.

Elevate Your Career

Hone your skills and build your resume to position yourself as a top candidate for your dream job.

Grow As a Leader

Gain the confidence you need to become a leader in your organization or the industry as a whole.

Are you ready to take your climate career to the next level?

As an experienced professional in the industry, you already know how critical it is to address the global climate crisis.

But are you making the impact you want to make?

Are you ready to grow as a leader and amplify your influence?

Climate Wealth

Invest in yourself and upgrade your impact on the world

Yes, this course is an investment. Yet…

How could you NOT upgrade your climate career? 

You are able to have a bigger impact and If you get the promotion or a new job, you could easily make 10-30% more. 

Feel like your climate career is sucking the life out of you?

It’s time for a change.

If you’re feeling like your climate career is draining you of energy, passion, and purpose, you’re not alone. The demands of the industry can be intense, and it’s easy to lose sight of your own goals and values.

…However know that you don’t have to stay stuck in a job that’s making you miserable. Our online course can help you upgrade your mindset, so you can find a climate career that’s fulfilling, rewarding, and aligned with your vision for the future. 

Climate Wealth

Take Action Now

You Don’t Get What You Deserve...

…You get what you tolerate

I’ve been there… in a climate job and feeling like I’m not using my skills to the fullest. It meant that I wasn’t making what I should, and my net worth and self worth was suffering, and it was a loss for the planet. 

What did I do? I started proving that I could do more. I got a new job. I established myself in the climate community. I graduated from “jobs” to entrepreneurship. Then I was ready to work on something that scaled massively, so I joined the Leadership Program at Tesla. And then I started my own thing…


This course is easy to follow, and is based on a psychological learning principles, for maximum results.


Breakthrough limiting beliefs and clarify what you want, then go and get it.


If you need more help, we have twice monthly coaching calls with a community that is going through the same thing.


We are here to support you as you take your career to the next level. We got your back, no matter what!

Upgrade your climate career

About Your Course

Our course is 8 weeks of transformative, structured courses and exercises that are designed for your success. Our content includes lesson videos, audio-only version of lessons, a companion workbook, and guided meditations.

You can move through the course faster, or slower. It IS up to you.

Climate Wealth

Keep in mind, that this course includes engineered processes where you reflect on your why, your vision, and your goals.

For this course to be the most helpful and for you to upgrade your career to the fullest, these exercises will make all the difference. When you commit to this course, commit to the time and work that you’ll do for YOUrself.

Real Crazy Stats

Cited from respected science sources

1 %
Are not satisfied with their job

They know they are worth more, want to give more and 

1 %
Wish They Acted

Most people wish they took the course and elevated their climate career earlier.

1 %

The other 1% forgot to fill in the question, close enough to 100% Satisfaction 😉

Want to Change the World?

Elena Wants to Change the World Too...

Elena Foukes is a investor, coach, and climate entrepreneur. She didn’t know about any of these things when she started out, which is why she is now sharing what she’s learned.

She’s upgraded her career and life many times, from the lowest level analyst at PG&E to co-founder and CEO of UtilityAPI, a ClimateTech startup. 

She was in the Leadership development program at Tesla, scaling delivery operations globally, working on material flow engineering for the Shanghai factory, and the manufacturing launch of Model 3.


Her entire career has been in climate, and she’s been living the lifestyle:

  • Offgrid mountaintop, off-grid home
  • Offgrid on a catamaran, and on land, across the US and in the desert
  • ClimateTech angel investing
  • Advising climate startups
  • Climate-conscious cooking and meals
Climate Wealth, Elena

“Thanks to this course,

I now have the Clear Direction For my climate career.”

~Emily W, contracts professional

Be the Change you Want to See in the World

If you’re undervaluing your skills and not fullly working in your passion, other people see that. They see you settling. By making the change to find the right role and career path, you’re being a leader. Other people see it and will be inspired. 

Climate Wealth
Climate Wealth

A Wealthier YOU Means a Wealthier Planet

You are a climate professional that knows that climate impact is real and you’re already doing something about it. With more money in your accounts, you can put that money to good use for yourself and the planet.

  • Get that heat pump.
  • Put your retirement into fossil free funds.
  • Make the best food choices.
  • Consume consciously.


You spending climate-consciously means that more climate concious companies succeed. 

It’s time…

Make More Money

Save the World

Climate Wealth

The Tide Has Turned

Customers reviews

What do People Say?

I was feeling stuck in my climate career and unsure of where to go next. Upgrade Your Climate Career helped me identify my skills and strengths and gave me the courage to ask for what I’m worth. The course boosted my confidence so I was able to pursue the right role for my skills and to ask for the salary and title I deserved. I now have a renewed sense of purpose and direction in my career.
Amanda L.
Climate Communications
After taking Upgrade Your Climate Career, I was able to identify my unique skill set and find a role that matched my level of expertise. I now have a job with a better title and salary that reflects my experience and skill set. The course also helped me understand the financial aspects of sustainability and how to create positive change through finance. I feel more fulfilled in my career and am making a bigger impact in the world.
Chris C.
“I started my climate career because of Elena and now, this course was perfect timing because I’m ready to upgrade my career, and her course has shown me how“
Nicole A
Business Development
“This course exceeded my expectations in every way. I feel motivated and prepared to take my climate career to the next level.“
David V.
"Upgrade Your Career course was a game-changer for me. It helped me see that I could use my skills and expertise to make a positive impact on the environment, and it gave me the confidence to pursue a career in the climate industry. It was invaluable."
Maria P.
Customer Success
"I've been working in the climate field for several years, and I wasn’t having as much impact as I knew I could. I was getting frustrated with my role when I decided to enroll in Upgrade Your Climate Career. I was able to identify what I wanted next for my career, and my next job, so I could make more money and have a bigger impact on the climate.”
Ryan D
Data Manager
I felt undervalued and overworked in my job, and now I have a clear path forward for my next role, and my long term career plans. I know I’ll be making more soon when I land my next role. ​
Christina M.
Supply Chain
Thanks to this course, I have a clear direction for my climate career and the confidence to pursue my dreams. <b>Before, I only knew that I wanted to work in climate</b> and I was wasting my time chasing many different opportunities and only looking at current job postings."
Emily W

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Even More Goodness

"Before taking the 'Upgrade Your Climate Career' course, I was stuck in a role that didn't appreciate my expertise or passion. This course not only helped me identify my true potential but also gave me the tools to excel in the climate industry. Now, I have a fulfilling job with a company that values my skills and contributions. Highly recommended!"
Carrie H.
Program Manager
"As a seasoned climate professional, I was skeptical about how much I could actually learn from an online course. But 'Upgrade Your Climate Career' exceeded my expectations! The course content was relevant, engaging, and tailored to my experience level. It gave me the confidence and knowledge I needed to pivot into a leadership role within my organization."
David M.
Senior Product Specialist
"I had been feeling undervalued in my climate career for quite some time. After taking the 'Upgrade Your Climate Career' course, I was able to effectively communicate my worth, negotiate a better salary, and position myself as an indispensable team member. This course has truly transformed my career and my life."
Michelle R
Communications Director
"'Upgrade Your Climate Career' is hands down the best investment I've made in my professional development. The course provided me with valuable insights, practical strategies, and the membership provided a supportive network of like-minded professionals. I've since been promoted to a more challenging and rewarding role in my organization, and I couldn't be happier!"
Carlos R.
Site Development Manager


Most frequent questions and answers

The course is specifically designed for climate professionals who are unsatisfied with their career.


This course is also helpful for:

  • People who are in or have just completed their MBA or other advanced degrees.
  • People who would like to start their cliamte career.

No prior experience or education is required to enroll in the course, although a general understanding of climate change and environmental issues is helpful.

For example, if you’ve watched Inconvenient Truth or have read some articles about the changing climate… you’re good!



The course is designed as a self-paced 8 week course and can be completed at the student’s own pace. The length of time it takes to complete the course will vary depending on the individual’s schedule and level of commitment.

It’s more than worth it. 

When you get the promotion or a new job, you could easily make 10-30% more. 

This course for 10% more going forward? When you make 10% more with your promotion or new role… you’ll definitely cover the investment price of this course.

A wealthier you means a wealthier planet. You can put that extra money to good use for the planet, including conscious consumption and investing in fossil free funds for retirement.

You’ll have access to the course in perpetuity for your personal use.

Elena is a climatetech leader, advisor, and investor. 

She is a 2015 Forbes 30 under 30, has spoken at two White House events, and Elon Musk told her “good job.”

She has always created community and been a resource for those around her.

She has had ups and downs in her career and has helped countless others on their career path.

Professional Biography


Not Sure Yet?

That’s OK… However we would love to be friends, and maybe we can Change the World together!

We will do our best to answer all your questions and help you anyway we can… That’s Our Promise!

Upgrade your climate career

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